I thought what I’d do was, I’d pretend I was one of those deaf-mutes.
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You know just about everyone has dreams of becoming rich and being waited on hand and foot. However, after watching the last episode of Black Lagoon I can say I never ever want a maid; I’ll clean my house myself plain and simple. Black Lagoon gives great real life lessons in every single episode, it just doesn’t get any better then that. I think that this series should be shown in schoolrooms across the country, think of all the great lessons kids would learn. Such as, how to properly manage money, how to drive a boat, why bullying people is bad, and last but not least why it’s not the butler who did it but the maid instead. Ok so that might not happen anytime soon, but hey it’s still a great idea.

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Episode nine starts off rather oddly in that it starts before the end of episode eight.
We begin back in the car with the black lagoon crew and the kid on their way to the Yellow Flag. The kid falls asleep on the way and has a nice dream of Roberta. Of course later on the image he has of her is totally destroyed. Lucky kid right? Anyway, Rock gets all sentimental and Revy chimes in to make fun of him of course. The important thing to note here is that Revy said she wouldn’t help Rock out if he was ever stupid enough to get himself kidnapped or in major trouble.

So, the crew finally makes it to the Yellow Flag and start to head in. When Revy point blank tells the kid that she hopes his maid is as tuff as he says, because she wants to have a little bit of “fun.” By now we all know what Revy’s idea of “fun” is. So, they walk in and we are right back to the last part of the previous episode. The kid recognizes Roberta the maid and Roberta proceed to blow the shit out of the Columbian Mafia. We next see the BL crew hiding under a table as Roberta is still blowing crap out of the Mafia goons. Dutch says they should get the hell out of there since their client is being blowing to bits and he doesn’t want the same happening to them.

Revy and everyone begin to crawl towards the back of the bar just as Roberta finishes up with the Mafia goons. So, of course she notices them escaping and sees that the kid is with them. Now Roberta is totally stuck on bringing the kid back home even though he is completely freaked out by her. So, she proceeds to aim at Rock who is next to the kid and this is when Revy jumps in to save Rock. She grabs the kid sticks a gun to his head, and then stands in front of Rock. Insert sentimental kid/Roberta Spanish talking moment. Ok back to the action! Roberta wants he kid back no matter what, so ignoring the fact that Revy could kill the kid at any moment she aims her suitcase/machine gun at them both and fires. Revy pushes the kid out of the way and takes off running and shooting at Roberta. This is then followed up by Robert shooting a grenade at Revy which ends up knocking her unconscious. My reaction was something along the lines of “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO don’t die Revy!!!!! T_T”

Now then, earlier I said to take notice of what Revy said to Rock, about getting into trouble and all. However, Revy did the exact opposite of what she said she would do, and instead she put herself in front of Rock to protect him from Roberta. Obviously even though she is keeping up the indifferent and tuff attitude she definitely has some feelings for Rock. End side note.

Thankfully the mafia is back from the dead and that distracts Roberta long enough for the BL crew to finally escape. Roberta then takes drastic measure and pulls up her dress. No, it’s not at all like you are thinking. When she pulls it up some 15+ grenades fall out and onto the floor. This is followed by the entire building blowing up and surprise, surprise, Roberta is completely fine. She then steals a car and chases after them.

Back in the BL crew’s car Rock makes a comment about Roberta being like the female android in Terminator and I totally agree with his analogy to say the least. Roberta finally ends up catching up with them but thankfully Dutch puts enough bullets into her engine to stop her. Finally they all get a “break” that is until Roberta shows up again. This time she is driving her car across the rooftops of several buildings and then flies off and onto Black Lagoon’s car. Roberta and her vehicle go flying into a building and the BL crew is stuck because she seriously hurt their car. Finally, they get it up and going just in time for Roberta to break out of her broken car and literally run them down. And by run them down I mean chase their car, fly into the air, and land on top of it. Like holy crap, she really is the android from Terminator. No human can run as fast as a car, or fly a car off of a roof then into a building and get out completely unharmed. No to mention survive a multiple grenade explosions.

That was quite an interesting episode to say the least. It’s like watching Terminator turned into an anime. I feel really sorry for the Black Lagoon crew, talk about never getting a break. And poor Revy she actually got hurt and she even looked dead. Hopefully she wakes up soon and shows Roberta who is boss. Go Revy!

Rating: 9/10

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