I thought what I’d do was, I’d pretend I was one of those deaf-mutes.
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Ok I might as well follow the current trend and post my thoughts on the summer season even though I am barely keeping up with the spring season. I actually started this some time ago, but when I say start I mean a paragraph of text that hasn’t been touched in over a month. So, today I finally finished up my little mini review of the upcoming series. Hopefully someone finds it useful. And no I didn’t include every series only the ones I found worthy of checking out. If you want to see all of the new series then go here.

This show looks to be rather promising. Following a photo journalist in the middle of a war is definitely a unique idea. Plus the transforming tank looks bad ass. The animation uses a nice blend 2D and 3D which I also really enjoy.

Yep another Gundam Seed show. Let me start off by saying I hated Gundam SEED and Destiny. The characters were just so gay and annoying it wasn’t even funny. There is now way any of them could have actually lasted in a real battle. Give me Char and Amuro any day. (diehard Gundam fan in the house) Anyway, this show looks like it might end up ok surprisingly. First off, the pilot is older then 10 and he doesn’t look like a gay emo idiot who is going to pee his pants because he has to fight. Plus the trailer made it look pretty dark which is how it should be. War is not pretty :P A important thing to note about this show, is that it’s going to be a webcast and then released on DVD no actual TV air time.

Le Chevalier D’Eon:
This is one of the shows I am looking forward to the most. I mean who can resist a hot bad ass girl with a sword? I know I can’t. As always, Production I.G. totally rocks!

Binbou Shimai Monogatari:
Two poor sisters who deliver newspapers to support their family and go to junior high school. Um I don’t know what to say about this one. Well, it will either turn out pretty good or be total crap and that is my opinion thus far.

Cute high school girls + battles+ life = possibly a good anime series. Only time will tell.

Taiyo no Mokushiroku Special - Nihon Bundan:
Japan is split in two, people fight over the two halves, and the Japanese become refugees. Yep that is all I could figure out. It looks rather interesting though, but then again I really like gritty realistic anime unlike most people.

Kemonozume Sakaba:
This is the biggest rip off of Blood+ I have ever seen. Just switch Saya and Hagi’s roles around and there you have it, Kemonozume Sakaba. Ok this actually about a monster hunter and his wife who happens to become/is a monster, but yeah it still looks way to much like Blood+. However, I love Blood+ so I will definitely be checking out this show.

Project Blue SOS:
A.K.A the new Macross/Robotech. A giant alien ship comes to earth and starts to blow everything up and then we send out a new super powerful plane to destroy them. Sound Familiar? The animation looks pretty solid and reminds me of Eureka 7. More likely then not I will be following this series, I just hope it shows some more unique aspects later on.

Innocent Venus:
I have no idea what this anime is about besides poor people, a huge storm that kills everyone, and a super powerful mecha. The characters and mecha look really, really, amazing so I hope this shows turn out good, otherwise it will just be another run of the mill mecha series.

N・H・K ni Youkoso:
This show is based off of the NHK manga which is about a hikikomori, a cute girl that falls in love with the hikikomori, and hentia games. What more could you ask for? The manga is great and if the shows follows along then I will definitely be watching this series.

Night Head Genesis:
No clue what this is about, but the animation looks beautiful and the show reminds me of Akira. That alone is enough reason for me to watch it.

Coyote Ragtime Show:
They should just call it the New Cowboy Bebop and be done with it. The animation looks super slick and it’s about time for another space cowboy series don’t ya think? To top it all off there seems to be a good amount of super hot girls. So, yeah I am definitely watching this one.
Trailer: (click download)

Mardock Scramble:
Ok this isn’t really summer related but it is coming out in August. More importantly, Range Murata is doing the character designs and all the shows he works on always turn out awesome. The show its self looks kick ass and very dark, think killer lolis again but even better.
Trailer: (under Special)

On a side note “For the occasion of sat broadcaster WOWOW and producer GONZO’s 15th anniversary, Production I.G will unveil their new TV anime Le Chevalier D’Eon and GONZO will unveil their OVA Murdock Scramble at a special event in Shiodome FS Hall on August 5th. Many of the key staff and cast are scheduled to appear.” From Anime News Service. The actual site for this event is here. August 15th hurry up and come already!

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