I thought what I’d do was, I’d pretend I was one of those deaf-mutes.
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The Third

I do believe its time for some good old fashioned screencap fun. What surprised me the most about The Third was is its sexual undertone. I mean if you take some of the scenes out of their context its just full of it. ;) The Japanese sure are pushing the whole loli thing soon enough it will become a national epidemic. That is if it isnt already one. Anyway, join me for a good laugh and some screencap funage as I point out the subliminal messages the Anime industry is filling our heads with. Go them! xD (Yes I know funage isnt a word but it felt right.)

Duo Maxwell decided to make a guest appearance. No doubt, he was after the loli girls.

Honoka has a thing for older women with big boobs. I dont blame her one bit.

Honoka sure knows how to please a girl.

It looks likes its the nurse’s turn to help Honoka out ;)

Awwww Honoka wanted it to be a surprise.

Honoka also has a thing for older men, much, much older.

Honoka has to hurry and take a bathroom break. >.>

Uh oh! Honoka forgot her condoms. (Believe or not this is actually what they are; anime these days. *shakes head* xD)

Another one of Honoka’s special female friends. ;)

Ikus is one smooth guy. Translation: “I’m looking for a good time with a cute loli girl.”

Ikus keeps up the smooth act, but Im sure we all know what he means by this ;)

Honoka just keep on going, and going, and going all night long.

Honoka didnt need the breast implants after all.

Honoka learns how to use her special new “toy” she doesnt want complications after all ;)

Honka seems to be enjoying her new toy. She sure likes it ruff.

Is there anything Honka isnt into?

Ikus couldn’t get the buttons undone.

Milly is trying out her newly learned skills.

Joganki is also getting in on the action. Honoka is definitely the busiest girl I know. xD

As you can all see The Third is just full of subliminal sexual messages. Surely something must be done about this! Like adding in more!

Ok all of that aside, The Third is turning out to be a pretty good show surprisingly enough. Im not one for fluffy loli shows but so far The Third is pretty sweet and Honoka in the PSP suit is just plain hot. So, with that said I give this series a thumbs up. Go and check it out!

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