I thought what I’d do was, I’d pretend I was one of those deaf-mutes.
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Who would have thought that Rock could actually get angry, and on top of that have no problem pissing off Revy. All I got to say is that the results are quite favorable for him ;)

Oh and as a bonus I made a little animated gif from one of the cool crazy deadly Revy scenes in the last episode! *is an insane Black Lagoon fanboy*

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This episode starts of rather different form the rest. We begin by taking a look at the eerie ship the Nazi’s were on then get to see some dead bodies and also Revy’s bloody footprints. The atmosphere is definitely chilling in this scene. Needless to say when people die in this show they stay dead, there is no mercy, and there is no second chance.

Thankfully, once the whole creepy part is over, it’s back to the normal Black Lagoon life.
Dutch has some work to do on the boat’s engine and Benny is working on the electronics as usual, so he asks Rock to do some errands and take Revy with him. This is obviously a plot by Dutch to get those two together and figure out how to get along.

So, the two of them head out with Rock trying to make small talk on the way, and Revy getting pissed off at him as expected. The first stop on the list is a strip club. (oh darn ;) ) The owner Roan apparently ordered 1,500 bottles of wine so they tell him that it’s in and where to find it. Roan then suggests that Revy should be in the S&M show. Sadly Revy turns down the offer; obviously this isn’t the first time he has asked her. During the whole thing Rock is quite visibly uncomfortable with the atmosphere. (he needs to lighten up and enjoy himself more xD) After that they head over Balalaika’s place to tell her that her shipment will be in late. (what shipment……?) More importantly, during this time Balalaika is busy viewing porn videos as they talk (I don’t know why exactly, but I don’t care either.) and Revy seems to find it rather interesting to say the least. On their way out Balalaika mentions that she has to go to a meeting later because someone in town is selling drugs illegally. So, Revy and Rock tell her that they will let her know if they find anything out.

Their last stop is a catholic church where they need to pick up some supplies, mainly guns, for their next job. (A church that smuggles guns, now that is what I call thinking!)
The two end up talking to Sister Yolanda who says she has all their supplies except for one item. So, Revy calls the bluff and Yolanda says she will only give it to them for more money. Thankfully Rock being the master detective he is, points out that he knows the church is also smuggling drugs and they he could tell Hotel Moscow about it. This changes Yolanda’s mind and she gives them the item. On their way out Yolanda points out to Revy that she could learn a thing or two from Rock and of course she gets pretty pissed about this.

Now that the errand list is completed Revy and Rock take a break to eat. This is where the real fun begins. Rock points out to Revy that you can’t solve everything with a gun. Then Revy tells Rock to watch what he says and this ends up setting Rock off. He tells her he won’t apologize anymore to her and that he is tired of being treated like an underling. That he left Japan so he didn’t have to watch what he said constantly and always try to please his “superiors.” So, of course Revy gets all angry too and pulls her gun out to shoot Rock. However, rock grabs the gun and tosses it aside, he then gets in Revy’s face and the two go back and forth some more about what’s wrong and what’s right, and all that good stuff. In the end the two finally seem to see eye-to-eye.

Then the police show up because the two where making such a huge a ruckus and ended up scaring everyone off. Thankfully, the police chief knows the BL group well and just wants to bring them in to fill out some paper work. On the way to the station Rock and Revy seem to finally be at peace with each other, and end up sharing a nice and intimate moment together as the sun goes down. Well I think I shall leave it at that and call it good.

My Musings:

Revy’s real name is Rebecca!!!!! And that is just one of the many reasons why this ep rocks.

We got some nice sides shots of the car in this ep and I can’t decide what car it is exactly. It reminds me of a Dodge Charger or Maybe an old Chevy Camaro. I will have to go back and look at it some more. (Yes I love cars :P ) Also, when did the car become an automatic? The thing was a standard when Benny drove it. Now that Rock is in the driver’s seat it’s an automatic all of a sudden. Maybe he just didn’t need to change gears. Oh well, I will figure that out later as well.

Now then, I wonder what time of day this show airs in Japan. I mean maybe it’s just me, but can you show 90% exposed boobs during the day in Japan? Not that I am complaining, I just wonder how they get away with it. xD

Ok being the crazed Black Lagoon fan that I am, I wonder when Revy and Rock are really going to hook up, or are they at all? Well either way I think they are definitely a lot closer to each other, especially after watching this episode.

Finally, I got to say that I really enjoyed this episode it’s a lot slower then the others have been, but it’s nice to have a break from the action every now and then. On top of it all, I think this episode really moved the story along, and gave us a nice end to the whole submarine issue that has been cropping up since ep 4. Yep this was definitely an enjoyable episode all the way around. So, now go watch it already!

Oh yeah! and here is the gif I promised XD

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