I thought what I’d do was, I’d pretend I was one of those deaf-mutes.
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Ah yes another great episode of Ergo Proxy and by great I mean confusing as ever. But hey figuring everything out is half the fun!

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The story begins with Raul talking to Kristeva about Daedalus and how he has lost his will to live (Raison d’Etre) now that Real is gone, proxy is dead, and he can’t practice medicine anymore. The next we see the two they are with the council, who threaten Raul that if he continues in the way he is going that he will face the same fate as Real. Basically the council admits that they killed Real. Additionally, Kristeva talks about the lack of power to Romdeau’s life-support shield do to the death of the Proxy. However, the council doesn’t seem to care a single bit. Raul and Kristeva then head out but on their way back down the lift they are on stops, and the entire city goes into a blackout.

The blackout lasts for a total of 2 minutes and 17.23 seconds, which just happens to coincide with Daedalus’s citizenship number of 021723. So, Raul gets the message and heads out to go see him. Once there Raul asks Daedalus to give him a health inspection which is a perfect excuse to leave Kristeva behind and look through his files while he talks alone to Daedalus.

Daedalus admits to Raul, that he caused the blackouts and points out that Raul has been using Cognito to his advantage. Raul tells Daedalus, that he can only fool the council for so long and that he knows Real is alive. More importantly Raul asks what Daedalus used the 2+ minutes worth of electricity for. Daedalus says that he wanted to bring proxy back to life. Raul, then makes a deal with Daedalus saying that he will give him a toy (the dead proxy) and let him do his research all that he wants except that it all must be done under his surveillance. Daedalus agrees, and after Raul has left he says that Raul has no idea what’s really going on and states that everything he does is for Real.

We find Real in a deserted town filled with old robots and not a single human in sight. Basically its looks like a normal town in today’s culture just with lots of robots doing mundane tasks. Real asks Iggy what he would do if she ever left him, Iggy replies “Don’t say such depressing things. What would you do if I were gone?” Which ends up worrying Real but Iggy comforts her and says he wouldn’t ever really leaver her. Real then goes to lay down and take a break for a bit. However, she ends up falling asleep. In her dream a young girl comes to her ( I believe it’s a younger Real) and tells her how hard the path before her is going to be. Real find her resolve though and says she wants to find the truth. After waking up she heads off with Iggy in a ship to the outside world carrying a gun that has bullets designed by Daedalus. The bullets from what I can tell neutralize the “invincible” Amristar cells inside of Proxies.

This was an interesting story to say the least and continues the whole “reveal the answer to one question just to spur 3 more in its place.” There wasn’t much action in this ep but it was kind of nice to have a slower paced episode, and also get a chance to develop Raul and Daedalus characters some more. Now was it just me or was the scene between them slightly sexual? Additionally, It seems to me like they both know a lot more then was first visible, and they both have secondary motives to just about everything they do. Now to find out what those motives really are. I also have to say an awesome part of this episode was seeing the younger Real, and learning just how cruel the council truly is. I am a bit disappointed though with the level of animation, I mean its not bad in comparison to most anime shows. However, considering the fact that it’s from Manglobe I expect better. On the other hand from what I have heard and seen the animation quality really picks up from here on so I will be watching out for that.

Side note: I really got to learn how to write less. Getting into the grove of anime blogging is going to take some time and practice I see.

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