I thought what I’d do was, I’d pretend I was one of those deaf-mutes.
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And why Ouran High School Host Club 8 is the greatest ever!

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Ok I want to begin by complaining about the last ep of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. So, if you don’t want to hear me rant go somewhere else :P

Technically this is the end of the series at least chronologically speaking.
To being this rant I must explain my situation. I have not read any of the Haruhi mangas nor have I done much reading up on Haruhi in general. Needless to say it took three episodes just to realize it was being aired out of order. Now once I got that all figured out I was perfectly fine, or so I thought. To top it off I thought the series was a total of 24 episodes. Once again, I was wrong. The whole thing is only 14 episodes, who the hell makes a 14 episode long series…?

Ok now onto the real rant of why I think this episode sucked like nothing else. *holds up shield* The hardcore fans of this show might kill me, I am slightly worried writing this, but here goes anyway! Episode 9 sucks for one major reason, and that reason is because nothing happens!!!!!!! We watch Yuki read her book for almost 5 minutes while listening to kids in another room do their school work. Why in the world do I want to watch/listen to that?! No wait take that back there was NOTHING to watch.Yuki just flips her book again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again. Get the idea?

What happened during the rest of the episode? Well let’s see Kyon goes to get a heater for the clubroom after Haruhi tells him to. (A school with no heating,….wth?) Then Haruhi proceeds to molest Asahina over, and over, and over, and over again. And by molest I mean change her into a costume and take pics for a picture book to go along with the DVD of their movie. (this part wasn’t so bad except Yuki’s head kept getting in the way of the action T_T) Then the group (Itsuki, Haruhi, and Asahina) go to makes some “extra footage” for the DVD. Now insert super boring Yuki reading part. Oh look Kyon is back with the heater, and just happened to get drenched in the rain oh his way back. Oooops Kyon fell asleep. Oh wow what a surprise Kyon wakes up and Haruhi is the ONLY ONE still there. Awww how nice Haruhi stuck her cardigan on him while he slept. Wow it’s still raining outside after all this time, and the two of them got to get home. I guess they better share an umbrella; talk about original. Finally the episode is almost done, so let’s watch the two walk in the rain! Someone shoot me the pain wont stop. -_-

Seriously what kind of end to a series is that? I could care less what happens now that I know the end, and the end is nothing but a normal day. Plus its not at all original, I could have watched a thousand other romance type anime shows and seen the exact same thing. Oh but wait! We see that Haruhi likes Kyon! *shock* *gasp* Like that wasn’t obvious already! Seriously if you couldn’t tell already go watch the other episodes again. Maybe if the two had kissed I would have enjoyed the episode a bit more, I mean that would have made for a nice cute ending, but this was just a total bore.

Oh well that was my rant and there is still 5 more episodes to go, but they wont be nearly as much fun now that I know the ending and a crappy ending at that :P Maybe I should read the manga, I wonder if its any better?

Notice: I could very well take back all that I just said. Everything depends on how the last few episodes layout. However, I still blame them for making a slow and uninspired episode, and putting it out at such a time that it really has little to no importance.

Now for the good part! Ouran High School Host Club!

I just loved episode 8! It was sooo kawaii! My Host Club fanboy level has increased by a good 75%. Now that is saying something. xD I really likes episode 8 because it had some very surprising events take place, definitely stuff that I wasn’t expecting to happen. No to mention, it felt like we really made some good progress story wise, and it was able to stay light and funny yet had some nice very serious elements to it. Yep that is all I am going to say I don’t want to spoil a minute of it. So, go watch it now, and fall in love with Ouran High School Host Club all over again!

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