I thought what I’d do was, I’d pretend I was one of those deaf-mutes.
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With each episode my love for Black Lagoon grows and this ep is definitely no exception. (more pics inside)

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The whole things starts off more or less where we last left the BL crew, with the gang on their way to capture back the painting they lost in the past ep.

Rock and Dutch realize that for someone to be spending enough money to send a whole “army” after the painting that the painting must have more to it then just looks and sentimental value.

Once the group gets close enough to the partying ship full of fascists Nazis Dutch and Revy take off to have a little bit of fun. The two end up sneaking onto the Nazi ship and then the real action begins, I believe the phrase “gun ho!” fits perfectly here as Revy is in quite a dark mood and decides to have some fun until she is “full.” Needless to say, we get to see Revy’s true dark side as she mulls down solider after solider until Dutch has to finally step in and giver her a little talking to.

Once Revy has calmed down the two head off again to find the commander of the ship and grab the painting. Now of course once the two spilt up Revy runs into the “boss” of the ship some huge dude named Fritz (such an original name :P ) and as expected he blabbers on about himself and his “awesome” gun. So, Revy being the badass girl she is gets tired of listening to him, and gives him a nice little lesson on actual gun wielding. To quote her exact words “I’ll teach you something good. All these things need to do is hit.”

Then we head back over to Dutch who has finally found the commander of the ship; after taking down quite a few solders first of course. The commander just happens to be whining to his boss on the phone when Dutch steps in. Dutch, being the nice guy that he is tells the commander that he can finish his phone call before Dutch finishes him off. And now for the twist, the boss wants to talk to Dutch, so the commander hands the phone over and we finally get to learn what the painting really is plus another very interesting piece of info. Of course the head boss being a “Nazi” fascist as well tosses a couple of insult to Dutch for being black, but Dutch has no problem with it and tells him to go to hell and breaks the phone. Then Revy walks in and the two finish up their little job.

Then two head out and wait to be picked by Benny and Rock. Revy, who happens to still be in a dark mood talks about how she doesn’t like people like Rock who view people like her and Dutch in a negative or different way. In the end stating that she cant be partners with him.

Small spoilers below.

All I got to say is wow, because that was one awesome ep. Revy is so hot and cool in her dark mood! Messed up I know, but I can’t deny it. The best part is her piggy line “And the first little piggy came to its end. Oink, oink, oink” BAM! All I got to say is stay out of her way when she is in a depressed mood.

The interesting theme that I noticed in this ep was minorities and racism. I mean we have Nazis, African Americans, and “killers.” Obviously Revy doesn’t like how Rock thinks of her especially after their little talk in the U-boat in the last ep. Dutch, didn’t like the comments he got about being black. To top it off the revolution that the Nazis where hoping for sure isn’t going to happen anymore now that they are all dead. Oh and don’t forget about Rock himself who is lost and doesn’t know how to act around these guys since he is “the nice guy.”

The best part about this ep was definitely learning more about Revy and seeing her go nuts. I really wonder what is going to happened between Rock and her now though. If only I knew Japanese T_T

I noticed a couple problems with this ep however. One, Dutch is just way to powerful. Yeah I can hear you saying that its Revy, but no in reality it’s not. Dutch has a shotgun and took out an entire hallway of soldiers with no problem at all. That is just plain impossible unless the guys don’t even know how to fire their guns. Shotguns are slow you have to pump them plus the way he was holding it would have popped his shoulder out of place on the first shot :P Now for Revy, see she knew what she was doing. Yeah she just walked around out in the open but it didn’t matter because you could tell that she really didn’t care if she got shot or not. The fact that she has awesome aiming skills, is a hot girl, and is just walking around makes for an instant win more or less. Advice to the soldiers, hide under some dead bodies unless you want end up as a dead body, which is really their only logical option with Dutch and Revy on board.

Now the question is who else thought that the guy who hired BL also hired the Nazis? I didn’t know until the end of course, but while I was watching the action I though to myself “wouldn’t it be perfect if the same guy hired both of these groups.” Why? Simple who wants a Nazi revolution? No one. So, get the Neo Nazis to grab an important Nazi artifact and then take them out and get away with the artifact all for yourself. Needless to say, when this is actually happened I was quite surprised.

In all reality however, I just want to see what happens between Rock and Revy. I am such a fanboy of those two XD

Oh yeah one last question, does anyone no where I can find the HDTV version of this ep? It’s the only one I can’t find T_T and this ep has soooo many great action shot of Revy. I so want to make a vector wallpaper from one of her awesome poses but it’s so much easier to work from high quality caps. So, yeah find me a good HDTV raw of this ep and I shall dedicate the wall to you xD And if you didn’t know I am WhiteBlaze from Pixelated Graffiti go check it out you know you want to.

Side note: First off none of the “Neo Nazis” in the last couple eps are anything like real Neo Nazis or Germans at all. They don’t even use the correct symbol. I just had to clear that up being part German and all and no I am not a Nazi :P

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